The Adventures of Cisco & Max: A Unique Friendship was written to give insight into how wonderful friendships truly can be. My personal relationships with children with special needs have been a gift to my life. My relationships with my horses throughout my life have also been a gift. Two horses I owned had an incredible friendship, and their names were Cisco and Max. This book is about kindness; how to embrace our differences and realize that the amount we have in common is equal to the number of our differences. As I worked alongside special needs students, they enriched my life and inspired me to obtain a dual master’s degree in special education and education. I realized communication was difficult but possible and I want to empower those individuals by giving them a voice. This story hopefully will inspire you to make a new friend that is different and enrich your life in a positive way.

About the Author

Melissa Fyfe has a dual master’s degree in special education and education. Her life has been enriched by many students that have been dear to her heart. Melissa continues to work with families and help children gain social and character education skills as a special education teacher in the Adirondacks in New York State. She is a volunteer certified interior firefighter. Melissa considers her husband and family her most important and life enhancing journey. In addition, she has a lifelong love of horses and owns three horses as well as four dogs. She enjoys singing, acting, and writing, and can often be found fishing in the many beautiful lakes in the upstate region. She believes we are all special and we should take the time to learn about one another, same goes for horses.

About the Illustrator

Anthony Richichi is an award-winning painter and illustrator in upstate NY who has exhibited work in galleries throughout New York, including at the Hyde Collection Museum. The Adventures of Cisco and Max: A Unique Friendship is one of several books Anthony has illustrated for Saratoga Springs Publishing. In addition to illustrating children’s books, Anthony directs a series of art galleries in association with the Adirondack Theatre Festival, the Adirondack Film Festival, Gallery 99, and the annual GEMfest, of which he is a co-founder. Working as a visual artist in the film and music industry is another of Anthony’s passions. He has provided licensed artwork for the band KISS as well as for his own band, Lock 9. He has worked on three feature length films as a storyboard artist and prop designer. Anthony lives in his Glens Falls, NY, studio surrounded by books, musical instruments, and lots and lots of paintings.